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For over 130 years the crankshaft mechanism in an engine has been unchanged until now. The CV Engine is a “power conversion” technology that is a paradigm shift turning this old technology on its head resulting in market disruption! Simply put, the CV Engine converts linear motion to rotary motion and vice versa with much greater mechanical efficiency.

The CV Engine will revolutionize the automobile, aviation, marine and general transportation industries. The CV Engine “power conversion” technology can replace any crankshaft to improve the design of compressors, vacuum pumps, liquid pumps, hydro-generators, air motors or other devices that are not invented yet. There are literally hundreds of uses for the CV “power conversion” technology.


The CV Engine is smaller, lighter, more efficient and creates less pollution than any crankshaft engine of equal bore and stroke. While the CV Engine can run on natural gas with little to no emissions it will also run on standard commercial and military fuels. The high efficiency of the CV Engine may suggest a review of the adverse environmental impact of battery operated vehicles.


The CV Engine is fully scalable from a weed eater to powering an ocean vessel. The CV Engine has a hollow power shaft which enables multiple engines and other modules to be sequentially connected with clutching to allow for engagement and disengagement as power needs change. This will extend engine life, provide uniform wear, improve fuel economy, while providing variable power demands and additional safety. Furthermore, the CV Engine powershaft is fully bearing supported thereby preventing the pistons from contacting the cylinder walls to reduce friction, wear and extend engine life. The crankshaft engine can not eliminate the piston side loads causing friction, wear and shorter engine life.

Click on the video link to see the proof-of-concept engine running. You can also get an idea of how the inner working of the engine operates by Googling “CV Engine”.


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David J. Haley, PE


Jon M. Wallace

Chief Operations Officer


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Our vision is to provide man the heart that drives machines converting energy for work and play through greater efficiency, timely innovation, and greatly reducing the impact to our environment!

Who is CV Global?

CV Global, Inc. (CVG) is a State of Florida for-profit corporation with Subchapter S status. CVG was organized to patent, develop and market a new mechanical energy conversion technology called The CV Engine/Technology (the technology is protected by US and Foreign Patents and additional patent applications are pending).

The mission of CVG is to secure license fees and royalties and develop new patents and products for the Patented CV Engine/Technology while accelerating this power conversion technology as rapidly as possible into market domination of every relevant segment of industry.

The CV “power conversion” technology replaces the crankshaft to change linear motion to rotary motion and vice versa thereby recovering greater than 50% of the lost mechanical efficiency of a crankshaft. The market segments include engines, compressors, pumps (vacuum, gas and liquid), air and fluid motors, positive-displacement hydro-generation and other potential applications not yet invented.

CVG has fabricated a proof of concept running engine, pump and compressor as well as exemplar static test stands for the CV motion vs the crankshaft motion.

David J Haley

David J Haley, PE is CEO/President, Director and Shareholder of CV Global, Inc. and is responsible for the Operations and Engineering functions. He is a Professional Engineer licensed in seven states and a Board Certified Senior Forensic Engineer. He is a graduate of the University of Florida and resides with his wife in Sarasota, Florida.

He has extensive and diverse experience in professional services, management, manufacturing, research and development, patents and start-up ventures. He is the holder of three Patents and maintains Continuing Education for licensure which has included graduate level hours at several universities.

He has Senior Research and Development and Project experience and has worked at Eastman Kodak, Hudson Pulp and Paper, Monsanto, Becton Dickinson and Tropicana among others in addition to contract consulting for Fortune 100 companies. He has been President, Vice President and investor in over eight successful start-ups, one of which was sold to a Fortune 100 company.

His public service includes:

Jon Wallace

Jon Wallace serves on the CV Global, Inc. Board of Directors having recently been appointed the Chief Operations Officer, Corporate Secretary and a shareholder. He is formerly the Vice-President of Business Development for CV Global for the last two years. His primary responsibility is raising investment dollars and laying the foundations with future clients for licensing and royalty agreements.

Jon has an extensive business background including 16 years of sales experience in addition to 13 years managerial experience, 6 years of Research and Development (in the oil & gas industry), as well as, 6 years of Marketing/Public Relations. He has worked for such companies as Beretta U.S.A.; Cabela’s; Galyan’s Trading Company; Arkansas Field & Stream; Dailey International Petroleum Corporation and Legend Outfitters. Jon has utilized his background implementing prospecting skills through his network of long standing business relationships.

Prior to CV Global, Inc., Jon was the Territory Manager (North & West Texas) for the second oldest company in the world Beretta USA. He grew sales in territory by over 30% covering 2/3 of Texas and managing over 50 accounts grossing well over $5M per year before leaving company. Jon received four national awards for his efforts for Beretta. He is the former General Manager of Arkansas Field & Stream of Conway, AR and Legend Outfitters in Houston, TX.

Jon loves to innovate and create new products and holds a patent dealing with water use in oilfield fracturing. He spent over ten years in the fly fishing industry where he developed a fly fishing vest for Willis & Geiger (now owned by Land’s End) , as well as, several nationally sold fly patterns for years until the company was no longer. Jon is also a hunter and canoe/kayaking enthusiasts and having given much of his time teaching kids about the outdoors.

He received a B.B.A. degree in Public Administration from Baylor University and currently resides in Weatherford, TX with his wife Amy for the past 16 years. They have one grown daughter whom resides in San Antonio, TX and is an Assistant Coach in Division I collegiate softball.

Jon was born and raised in Longview, TX and raised the greater part of his childhood on Lake Cherokee in northeast Texas. He enjoys fly fishing, fly tying, upland bird & waterfowl hunting, canoeing and kayaking.

Ronald C. Voegeli

Ronald C. Voegeli is the inventor of the CV Engine/Technology, a shareholder and Vice President of CV Global, Inc. whose primary responsibilities include sales, marketing and planning, including all related functions. He is also President of CV Tech, LLC having responsibilities for management, design, fabrication, research and development. He is the holder of over 23 Patents with several patents licensed to major corporations and other patents pending which correlate to his wide experience in industry, management, manufacturing, research and development, patents and start-ups. Formerly he has been CEO, President, Vice President and an investor in over fifteen successful start-ups including a partnership in a championship boat racing team and a championship All Pro Stock-Car racing team. Several of the start-up companies have been sold to major corporations. His educational background includes Aeronautical Engineering, extensive software CAD/CAM training, manufacturing and management certifications and continuing education in relevant areas. He resides with his wife Carol in Oak Harbor, Washington.

Charlie Hencye

Charlie Hencye is currently President of IPC, a sales company for the plastics industry, having held this position since 1995. In conjunction with IPC’s primary business, a secondary division markets and distributes promotional items to a variety of industries. Also, he is a Director of CV Global. Inc.

Charlie has conducted business with large plastic companies all throughout the Pacific Rim. He has engaged in business with top management of various companies including Sanyu in Osaka, Mitsui in Tokyo, Jones Enterprise in Singapore, Yanber in Costa Rica, others in South Korea and Thailand as well. Some of his foreign business travel was conducted while Vice President and then subsequently President of Gulf Coast Supply in Sarasota, Florida. Charlie also held the position of District Manager for Sunshine Biscuit Company. He was the youngest manager ever for Warner Lambert Company at the age of 20.

Charlie was Vice President and Executive Director of Leco Engineering & Machine Inc. from 1974 until the sale of the company in 1986. He also held the positions of President and Managing Director of Leco Sales & Service Inc. from startup until 1986 in which he engaged with many prodigious sales companies, one of which was Tandy Corp (owner of Radio Shack and family member of Kasper Wire Works). His efforts gained significant market share of their newspaper display machines for the parent company Leco Engineering & Machine Inc. He was V.P. of NewsVend One and marketed their products in Switzerland and Germany in addition to his vast foreign business experience stated earlier. He was also a travel agent involved with meeting planning, and also co-owned a concierge company called With Class. In addition to his background stated above, Charlie was also Publisher of the family friendly KIDSVILLE NEWS from 2008-2009.

Prior to his business accomplishments above, his earlier time and education was in the medical profession where he was a Cardio-Pulmonary P.A. and Director of Respiratory Therapy at Venice hospital after working at Shand’s Hospital at the University of Florida, Kettering Hospital in Kettering, Ohio and St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tucson, Arizona.

Frank Ferrer

Frank Ferrer is currently serving on CV Global Inc. Board of Directors and is a shareholder. Also, he is currently the FAA’s Certificate Management Office (CMO) Manager responsible for all of Boeing Commercial Airplane (BCA), airplane Production as of June 2010. As the manager for the CMO, Frank is responsible for the production oversight of all BCA. Frank issues and grants Boeing the approval they need from the FAA to manufacture and produce their products, in all locations in the United States and throughout the world for BCA, the Production Certificate is valued at 1.5 Trillion dollars to the Boeing Company. Frank’s office is also responsible for the issuance of every airplane’s original Airworthiness Certificate. Since Frank’s tenor starting back in 1994 to the present, Frank’s office has issued more than 12,000 transport category airplane airworthiness certificates.

Frank had previously worked overseas as a Diplomat for the FAA located in Shanghai China for 18 months. While in China, Frank worked with the U.S. State Department attending meetings with Ambassador to China and Consulate General of Shanghai. The Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton and Frank held a meeting in Shanghai at Boeing’s Airplane Repair Station, and met with U.S. CEOs of companies doing aviation business in China. Frank also Supported Asian Pacific Bilateral Partners meetings held in the region. Working closely with foreign governments and dignitaries.

Prior to his assignment in China, Frank was also the 787 Program Manager for Production and Airworthiness Certification from Jan 2004 to Feb. 2009. Prior to moving to Seattle, Frank worked in the CMO’s Long Beach, CA office as the Principal Inspector for the former McDonnell Douglas Company. Frank has been working for the FAA since 1994 and prior to that he worked for the Department of Defense on Top Secret weapons systems. Frank has been working for the Government for over 37 years. He is currently retired from the Air Force Reserves after serving 23 years.